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When energy is required by the body, the brain sends signals to the adipose cells to break down the stored fat, resulting in fat loss, a process called lypolysis. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body.
LED Light Therapy used in the Lipo-Light causes fat cell membranes to lose their round shape by changing the permeability of the cell. This alteration of the cell chemistry triggers the release of an enzyme (lipase) which can break the triglyceride molecules down into fatty acids and glycerol molecules which are now small enough to pass through the pores of the cell wall. So, your hard-to-tone fatty areas, such as the abdomen, back, thighs, and arms, are able to lose fat faster and more efficiently.

Lipo Light can deliver effective results in just one treatment. However, sustained results take place when continued Lipo Light LED Light Therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.
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