Universal Body Image & Laser Center - Chemical Peels

Lotus Peel
This 50 min. service includes at cleanse, chemical exfoliation (chemical peel), mask, and neck/shoulder massage.

Member: $75

  • provides potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.
  • causes less damage on a molecular level.
  • holds its efficacy in lower pH acids.
  • infuses youth-replenishing elements to hydrate and plump skin.
  • helps provide a radiant, luminous complexion
  • Please Note: post care products must be purchased & used with this service. 
  • You will be sent home with specific written post care instructions, or they can be found on our website under the tab, "client forms". 
  • After light peels, the treated skin turns red or pink and heals without crusting.
  • After medium or deep peels, a superficial crust or membrane usually forms and peels off 3-7 days later like a sunburn blister-revealing a new skin surface that is smoother. 

Vitamin A Peptide Peel

The Vitamin A Peptide Peel is a 50 min. service that includes a cleanse, chemical exfoliation, mask, and neck/shoulder massage. Post care is required for this treatment. 

  • This retinol peel has amazing anti-aging and acne reducing properties. 
  • It will take the skin to a more optimal state of health and improved appearance.  
  •  Retinol stimulates the new growth of tiny blood vessels, inhibits melanosomes and speeds up the production of collagen. 
  •  It is known for its regenerating benefits and positive effect on acne.  Vitamin A provides firming and toning support, increases the oxygen supply to the skin and gives it an overall healthy glow. 
  • This is a great peel for all skin types, except for AHA sensitive skins.

  • The Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel is a safe easy “no burn no down time” peel that supports the regeneration of skin and the reversal of aging.
  • There may be mild to excessive flaking that will occur a few days after application. It is recommended that 3-4 sessions be completed 1-2 weeks apart for optimum results. 

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